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Piotr Kamecki, Master Plumber - NJ Lic. No. 12211
Handy Men of America Inc.
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Gas Boiler, Gas Burner, Gas Furnace Repair Services

Expert Steam Gas Boiler Repair, Gas Hot Water Boiler Repair,
Forced Air Gas Furnace and Gas Furnace/Air Conditioning
Installation, Maintenance & Emergency Repair Services.
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"Gas Boiler and Gas Furnace & Filters Preventative Maintenance Tune-up Service"

Our residential and commercial tuneup consists of two levels; Level One and Level Two.

 Level One:
        Over all check of gas heating system integrity (steam gas boiler, hot water gas boiler, or gas furnace).
        Replacement of additional water if necessary on steam gas boiler and gas hot water boilers.
        Removal and cleaning of gas burners on gas steam boilers and gas hot water boilers where applicable.

        Tighten loose electrical connections and contacts where necessary on gas power burners, furnaces and boilers.
        Flush mud collector of dirt and gunk in gas steam boilers.
        Check low water cutoff function on gas steam boilers and if applicable on gas hot water boilers...
        Externally clean gas boiler or gas furnace and base of gas burners.
        Lubricate motors where necessary on circulator pumps and blower motors.
        Check/clean drainage of high efficiency gas furnaces.
        Test of gas boiler or gas furnace unit (Air Conditioning system services are optional).
        Make minor corrections on leaky water valves connected to gas heating system if possible.
        Make other minor corrections for functionality and neatness around gas heating system if time permits.
        Replace battery of gas heating system thermostat with new ones where required.

Level Two:
        Cleaning of gas heat steam boiler for higher efficiency.
        Cleaning of steam gas boiler, hot water gas boiler, or gas furnace flue pipes, and base of chimney.
        Cementing with concrete cement around flue pipe at chimney base of gas systems.
        Replacement or cleaning of gas steam boiler's dirty water level open/close valves and cleaning of port holes.
        Cleaning of sight glass and replacement of leaky gaskets on steam gas boilers.
        Skimming of contaminated top water in steam gas boilers.
        Cleaning of low water cut off probes, floats, and other safety sensors on gas hot water and gas steam boilers
        Check/adjust incoming gas pressure and pressuretrol if necessary.
        Replacement of water content in gas steam boilers if required.
        Adjustments on blower for gas furnaces where necessary.
        Air Conditioning checks for gas furnaces with cooling.
        Complete AC tune-up for gas furnace/air conditioning systems when needed.

EPA Certified - NATE Certified 
 Gas Furnace Installation & AC Service

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Handyman of America
Handymen of America
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Residential & Commercial Gas Heat Maintenance 

This Burnham Gas Hot Water Boiler is an example of what we at Handymen of America install. This gas hot water boiler is rated a "Consumer Best Buy". It is our example of gas hot water boilers that give good efficiency, reliability, longevity, and beauty when combined with our superb streamlined installation.

Gas Furnace - Boiler Repair Installation and Tune-up Service

Call: (973) 777-2932 for Gas Heat Repair

                                                        GAS BOILER STEAM INSTALLATION & REPAIR SERVICE

 When it comes to installing gas steam boilers we provide top quality service, equipment, component parts, and pricing. Our gas piping for gas steam boilers utilize the best materials available when it comes to schedule 80 black steel pipes for gas steam boiler, and thick high quality type L for copper pipes that is submerged in water for use in gas steam boiler return lines. When it comes to steam gas boiler piping, our installation quality goes beyond what other gas steam boiler installers do; we run our gas, water, steam, and electrical pipes in a neat arrangement and not just being functional. We properly install support where needed so as not to add unnecessary stress to gas pipes, gas boiler steam pipes, gas boiler return pipes, as well as the electrical and water supply line.

Also essential to a gas steam boiler installation is boiler sizing as well as heating efficiency and quality. You do not want a gas steam boiler that is overly sized. Besides a reduction in efficiency occurring, existing small main steam pipes coupled to a large gas steam boiler creates an extreme bottleneck, effecting longevity of the boiler. What you will end up with is a gas steam boiler that performs poorly and is short lived. Gas steam boiler installation design should therefore take into consideration not just it expected heat load but the size of the steam riser pipe(s), steam header pipe, and its steam main pipe(s). Bottlenecks in any of this area of steam piping due to improper boiler sizing or incorrect installation of piping can cause havoc to a gas steam boiler performance and lifespan. Generally, you need an un-impeded flow for the steam to travel without condensation getting in the way. Use of anything in piping gas steam boiler pipes mounted horizontally that creates pockets for condensation to collect is not good practice. Steam in gas steam boilers should develop cleanly before heading up the main steam pipes.

Post installation procedure for a new gas steam boiler should involve at the very least skimming the top water shortly after installation for impurities to prevent boiler foaming and should include preventative maintenance follow ups.

When it comes to gas steam boiler repairs and service, consider Handy Men of America. We are NATE certified on gas furnace installation as well as gas furnace service. These are the only qualifying certifications from NATE (North American Technician Excellence) for gas heat. It means that you are getting the finest when it comes to service in HVAC-R.

We fix gas steam boiler problems. We install or repair automatic water feeders for gas steam boilers. Leaking gas steam boiler piping and water valves are quickly and effectively fixed. Your gas steam boiler won't fire up? Call us for your home or business gas steam boiler problems. Our guarantee is: "If We Can't Fix It, Money Back on Labor. That is our assurance to you that we are highly skilled and are comfortable with any gas steam boiler problem thrown at us.
                                                 GAS HOT WATER BOILER INSTALLATION & REPAIR SERVICE

When it comes to installing gas hot water boilers our expertise in this area is to your advantage. We install gas hot water boilers that are of "Best of Breed" and combine that with the best in materials. Our gas hot water boiler service is "World Class" in quality. We are not only NATE certified on gas heat installation and service but highly trained on hydronics as well to give you the finest when it comes to circulating hot water to provide you with efficient and comfortable heating.

We begin by assessing your needs when it comes to a gas hot water boiler replacement or gas hot water boiler installation. We then pipe it accordingly for proper flow and continuous elimination of air from the hot water that circulates in the gas hot water boiler system. Cold water as you know has air trapped in it. That is how fish breathe, through the air trapped in cold water. This trapped air eventually escapes into the gas hot water boiler piping and creates uneven heating, noise, and other circulation problems. It needs to be continuously purged from the system until it is completely gone. This is where we design and install a flow path for the water for your gas hot water boiler to be effective as well as compact in that it automatically purges the remaining air after the initial purge of air from the system.

Our best choices for gas hot water boilers are the ones that give you good efficiency, reliability, longevity, and beauty. We like the "Consumer Best Buy" rated gas hot water boiler made by US Boiler Company, under the brand name: Burnham Boilers.
                                                 GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION, SERVICE, & REPAIR WORK

 With gas furnaces installation, service, and repair work you can count on us. We always tell our gas furnace installation customers to "Look for Equipment with High Energy Efficiency Ratings to Maximize Energy Savings. Gas furnaces offer some of the highest efficiencies in gas heating at a very low price. We provide gas heat service to homes or businesses in New Jersey.

Typically the gas furnace installations that we do exceed 95 percent efficiency ratings. Gas furnaces nowadays have dual level gas burners and variable speed forced air blowers. These high efficiency gas furnace blowers slowly ramp up in speed so that you do not get cold air in the winter at first startup and vice-versa, hot air in the summer when used with AC.

High efficiency gas furnace installations no longer require the use of a traditional chimney, rather it uses PVC piping for exhaust since most of the heat energy from natural gas or propane gas is utilized for heat and little is wasted. Gas furnaces are also one of the cleanest burning sources of heat when it comes to fossil fuels. It is highly efficient as mandated by Federal standards and is cheap compared to gas boilers

Whether you need a gas furnace upgrade to a more efficient gas furnace or repair service on your current one, we are NATE certified on gas furnace installations as well as gas furnace service. NATE certification is considered the finest when it comes to HVACR. We like the Goodman USA brand of high efficiency gas furnaces as their gas units are well made and reasonable in price. Goodman high efficiency gas furnaces also tend to mate well with their also USA made line of central air conditioning systems that seem to be very well made and very reasonable in price.

Having the right size gas high efficiency furnace paired with the right sized central air conditioning outdoor condenser and indoor coil is essential in getting the right performance in a heating/cooling combination of efficiency, performance, and comfort. You do not want the cooling and/or heating units cycling on/off as these produces accelerated wear and tear and improper removal of condensation. Gas furnaces with larger than what is needed in central air conditioning units produces not only system longevity shortening due to frequent cycling, but chilled humid air that cause an uncomfortable atmosphere which is conducive to mold growth. Mold spores can cause all sorts of negative reactions exacerbated by poor HVAC design and installation. Why trust your gas furnace heating and cooling to just anybody?

Knowing that when someone comes to have your gas furnace and/or air conditioning repaired, and knowing that this service person is NATE certified and capable of offering cost saving alternatives, is a relief when you are cold in the winter or hot and uncomfortable in the summer. Our repair service for gas furnaces and air conditioning is effective and efficiently quick, and our precision tune-up enhances the performance as well as the longevity of your heating and cooling system. We provide professional and courteous repair service for all your gas furnace with central air conditioning needs.

And our installation expertise combines a three year parts and labor warranty along with two free annual preventative maintenance visits for a worry and headache free installation of your gas furnace with air conditioning. Heating and cooling should be treated as an investment in comfort, reliability, and the rate of return on your money.
We are North American Technician Excellence certified on Gas Furnace Installation and Gas Furnace Service.
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Senior citizens automatically receive 25% off labor. Call: (973) 777-2932
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Gas Furnace Tune-up Service - NJ Gas Boiler Repair, Newark

Below  is our procedure for gas boiler installation & oil to gas conversions:
Call us to tune or repair your high efficiency gas furnace, hot water gas boiler, standalone gas fired furnace, standard gas furnace, and gas furnaces with air conditioning. We fix all types of problem in gas boilers, gas burners, and gas furnaces whether it uses natural gas or propane. We are NATE certified on gas furnace installation and gas furnace service. We fix water leak problems on steam gas boilers and hot water gas boilers. We troubleshoot and fix control systems for gas boilers and gas furnaces. Call on Handymen of America for your gas steam boiler and gas hot water boiler plumbing needs. We replace rusted pipes on steam gas boilers and hot water gas boilers, we fix or replace leaking gas piping for steam gas boilers, hot water gas boilers and gas burners and furnaces. If you have a defective gas heating system, call as for gas heat service so that we can fix it right for you. We tune-up gas steam boiler. We perform precision tune-up hot water gas boiler. We tune up gas furnaces. We perform precision tune-up on gas furnaces with AC. We are EPA certified to service cooling on your gas furnace air handler using refrigerant type 2 typically used in residential and type 3 typically used in commercial establishments. Winter or summer we can service the blower in your gas furnace for your air conditioner cooling system. We service hot water gas boilers with circulator pump problems. We service steam gas boilers with radiator problems. Call us to fix radiator problems for gas steam boiler that just not want to heat up. We also convert oil heat to gas heat. Our oil to gas conversion is affordable. Oil to gas conversion is free as they typically pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. Call us for expert advice when it comes to affordable oil to gas conversion. Our estimates for converting to natural gas or propane from oil heat is free. We efficiently and expertly convert steam oil boilers to natural gas. We convert hot water oil boilers to natural gas or liquid petroleum (LP) gas. We convert oil furnaces to natural or propane gas. We convert oil furnace with air conditioning to natural gas or propane with high efficiency Air Conditioning. We provide emergency service calls for steam gas boilers in Northern New Jersey. We provide emergency repair service for hot water gas boilers in Northern New Jersey. We also provide emergency repair service calls for gas furnaces in Northern New Jersey. We provide emergency repair service for gas heat in Passaic County, NJ. We provide emergency repair service calls for gas heat in Hudson County, NJ. We provide emergency gas heat repair service in Bergen County, NJ. We provide emergency repair service for gas heat problems in Essex County, NJ. We provide gas heat repair service in Sussex County, NJ and emergency repair service for gas heat in the lower part of Sussex County. We provide emergency repair service for gas heat in Union County, NJ. We provide emergency repair service on parts of Morris County, NJ for gas heat problems. We provide emergency service repair for gas heat in parts of Middlesex County, NJ. And we provide emergency repair service for gas heat in the northeast part of Somerset County, NJ. We provide gas heat repair service for these Passaic County municipalities: Bloomingdale, Clifton, Haledon, Hawthorne, Little Falls, North Haledon, Passaic, Paterson, Pompton Lakes, Prospect Park, Ringwood, Totowa, Wanaque, Wayne, West Milford, and Woodland Park. We provide gas heat repair service for these Bergen County Boroughs, towns, villages, and municipalities: Allendale, Bergenfield, Bogota, Carlstadt, Cliffside Park, Closter, Cresskill, Demarest, Dumont, Elmwood Park, East Rutherford, Edgewater, Emerson, Englewood City, Englewood Cliffs, Fairlawn, Fairview, Fort Lee, Franklin Lakes, Garfield City, Glen Rock, Hackensack City, Harrington Park, Hasbrouck Heights, Haworth, Hillsdale, Hohokus, Leonia, Little Ferry, Lodi, Lyndhurst, Mahwah, Maywood, Midland Park, Montvale, Moonachie, New Milford, North Arlington, Northvale, Norwood, Oakland, Old Tappan, Oradell, Palisades Park, Paramus, Park Ridge, Ramsey, Ridgefield, Ridgefield Park Village, Ridgewood Village, River Edge, River Vale, Rochelle Park, Rockleigh, Rutherford, Saddle Brook, Saddle River, South Hackensack, Teaneck, Tenafly, Teterboro, Upper Saddle River, Waldwick, Wallington, Washington, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake, Wood-Ridge, and Wyckoff. We provide oil heat repair service for these Hudson County municipalities: Bayonne, East Newark, Guttenberg, Harrison, Hoboken, Jersey City, Kearny, North Bergen, Secaucus, Weehawken, West New York, and Union City. We provide oil heat repair service for these Essex County municipalities: Belleville, Bloomfield, Caldwell, Cedar Grove, East Orange, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Glen Ridge, Irvington, Livingston, Maplewood, Millburn, Montclair, Newark, North Caldwell, Nutley, Orange, Roseland, South Orange, Verona, West Caldwell, and West Orange. We provide oil heat repair service for these Union County municipalities: Aldene, Bayway, Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Elizabeth, Elizabethport, Elmora, Fanwood, Garwood, Grasselli, Hillside, Kenilworth, Linden, Mountainside, Murray Hill, Netherwood, New Provodence, Oakwood Park, Perth Amboy Junction, Plainfield, Rahway, Roselle, Roselle Park, Scotch Plains, Springfield, Summit, Tremley, Tremley Point, Union, Union Square, Westfield, Balustrol, Benders Corner, Crane Square, Cranford Junction, Free Acres, Blendinning Homes, Goodmans Crossing, Liberty Square, Madison Hill, Milltown, Mravlag Manor, Overlook, Park Village, Pioneer Homes, Staten island Junction, Stony hill, Tremont Village, Union Village, Unionburg, Vauxhall, Winfield, and Woodland Park. We provide oil heat repair service for these Middlesex County municipalities: Avenel, Barber, Brownville, Carteret, Chrome, Clearbrook Park, Colonia, Concordia, Cranbury, Crossman, Dayton, Dunellen, East Brunswick, Edgebrook, Edison, Ernston, Fords, Gillespie, Heathcote, Helmetta, Highland Park, Iselin, Jamesburg, Kendall Park, Laurence Harbor, Lincoln Park, Madison Park, Melrose, Metuchen, Middlesex, Milltown, Monmouth Junction, Morgan Heights, New Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Piscataway, Plainsboro Center, Port Reading, Princeton Center, Port Reading, Princeton Meadows, Raritan Gardens, Rossmoor, Sayre Woods, Sayreville, Sayreville Junction, Sewaren, Society Hill, South Amboy, South Plainfield, South River, Spotswood, West Carteret, Weston mills, and Woodbridge. We provide gas heat repair service for these Morris County municipalities: Boonton, Budd Lake, Butler, Chatham, Chester, Dover, Fayson Lakes, Florham Park, Fox Hill, Green Pond Junction, Jacksonville, Kenvil, Kinnelon, Lake Telemark, Lincoln Park, Littleton, Long Valley, Madison, Mendham, Morris Plains, Morristown, Mount Arlington, Mountain Lakes, Netcong, Rivervale, Rockaway, Smokerise, Succasunna, Victory Gardens, Wharton, White Meadow lake, Denville, Pequannock, Pine Brook, Pompton Plains, Whippany, and Lake Hopatcong. We provide gas heat repair service for these Sussex County municipalities: Sparta and Hopatcong. We provide gas heat repair service for these Somerset County municipalities: Boundbrook and Somerville. We also provide excellent gas heat service response times to large cities like Newark and Jersey City. Trust your gas boiler, gas burner, gas furnace, or gas furnace with air conditioning to us for emergency service or periodic maintenance. Servicing gas boilers, gas burners, gas furnaces, and gas furnaces with Air Conditioning is our business and our way of life. We offer 100% customer satisfaction or no charge for Labor.
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